Stir Fry Sundays – Freeze leftovers


Stir Fry Sundays!

You’ve heard me mention Casserole Sundays, and well now, you can introduce Stir Fry Sundays too!

You know I love steaming vegetables and eating with rice. Another way to mix up your vegetable intake is by stir frying them instead. Again, it’s quick, easy, low-fat, healthy, nutritious and they can be easily put in the freezer for dinners through the working week.

Don’t you just love the colours of vegetables! Choosing lots of different colours is the key to keeping your food engaging for the kids. Get them involved in selecting the vegetables at the shops. I say to my kids, ‘Okay, we have red capsicum, now we need something orange. How about carrots?’ etc. This way, they learn to appreciate the beauty their food.

You can see from the photo above that I love the following vegetables to stir fry: carrots, snow peas, broccoli, cauliflower, capsicum, spinach, zucchini and mushrooms. Just throw them into a hot frypan with a little olive oil.

stir fry

Fancy cooking blogs will have you adding all sorts of sauces and spices. I’ll be honest, my kids like me to keep it simple. Sauces turn the veggies soft and they like them to be firm and dry (not gooey and sloppy). Once I’ve popped the stir fry on the rice, the kids usually add soy sauce. They go crazy for this.

To make this a balanced meal, you need to add a protein. After you’ve cooked the veggies, drop a few eggs in the frypan, and within seconds, you’ll have fried eggs to pop on top of your dish. So, you’ll have rice, veggies, and egg. A perfectly balanced meal! By the way, I use a Calphalon fry pan. They aren’t cheap, but I find them really durable. You can get the same here:

Calphalon Classic Nonstick 3 Pc 10″ Fry Pan and 1.5 Qt Sauce Pan & Cover Cookware Set

Here’s my stir fry, served with brown rice: Honestly, you can’t get healthier than this!

fry egg

Don’t forget to freeze leftover portions of the rice and veggies. I wouldn’t freeze the egg. Enjoy!