Food Prepping: Mung Beans



There has been a lot of hype in the media of late about food prepping – and rightly so; thmung beansere’s no better way to ensure you eat well in the midst of a busy, working week! So, this week, I have used mung beans, as they have many health benefits. They are high in calcium, magnesium, iron and B-6 – and best of all, they are high in protein. Mung beans are pretty bland on their own, so I have used some of my favourite spices to add flavour, along with onion and garlic.

To begin, rinse your beans in water to remove any residue. Next, boil your mung beans in slightly salted water until they are soft. I use half of this bag at a time. Drizzle with olive oil.

While your beans are boiling, add one chopped, brown onion into a frypan and fry in olive oil, along with some garlic. When soft, add a teaspoon each of the following spices:



You will end up with this – see image below. Set aside.


Mix your onion mixture into the cooked mung beans, and presto, a nutritious base for a meal. Pop your cooled beans into the base of a container. Add salad items, such as tomatoes, capsicum, cucumber, and some feta cheese. Or, you might like to steam some green beans and capsicum to eat with it too.



Enjoy, like I will this week back at work!

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