New Steamer! Losing it over egg trays!

steamer 1

You know I love steaming for the ease, the convenience, the health benefits. Well, I bloody broke my steamer! Yep, I wasn’t concentrating – too busy on social media – and I let my steamer bubble on without topping up the water in the base. Oops! The element started burning, a weird smell started permeating through the home, and voila, I realized my mistake!

It’s not all bad news. I raced to the shops today in a frantic attempt to replace my necessary cooking appliance. Yes, it is essential. I don’t know how any working mum gets by without one of these!

Talking Aussie context here: I tried JB-HiFi. Lovely guy gave me a great discount on a the only steamer they had  – only one! – but the rice dish was tiny and there’s no way it was going to cook enough rice for me and two cherubs. So, I ducked next door to Target. They didn’t even have a single steamer! Wtf? I had little time left before I had to return and pay for my daughter’s haircut – I was seriously multi-tasking as any single working mum will appreciate – and so I made an executive decision that I HAD to try KMart too.

Bingo! Seriously, thank goodness for KMart. They had a PERFECT replacement steamer. In fact, I’m thrilled to say, it’s even better than my old one. I didn’t even know steamers could do this, and I’m losing my shit over it, because I can actually steam eggs at the same time in this one – see banner image above. No kidding! You all know I love eggs – well you would know, if you’d read my other posts.

Yep, there are grooves in each of the thee trays to cook eggs. Just when I thought these things couldn’t get any better. For my fellow Aussie readers, this steamer only cost me $39! Take it from me. Best investment ever for time-poor mums!

I can now steam my rice, veggies and eggs all at once with the flick of a button. Almost too good to be true. Just remind me to check the water level with this one! That’s a low fat, nutritious, balanced meal with the flick of a switch!

KMart should be paying me for this! Anyway, Aussie friends, this is the package of the steamer I’m talking about. Overseas friends, I’ll see if I can find it on Amazon – hang ten.

Steamer 2

Check out the big steamer rice dish:

This is bigger and deeper than my former steamer. I love it!

steamer rice dish.jpg






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