Too Tired to Cook! Do you really need take-away tonight?


You get home from work exhausted: mentally drained and incapable of logical thought – well almost – yet you have hungry children to feed, along with yourself. You have zero desire to use Jamie Oliver’s 30 Minute Meals. I’m talking spent. You reach for the phone…Stop. Do you really need take-away?

If you can summon-up enough energy to open the fridge and put chicken in the oven, you don’t need to call a pizza. Here’s how to toss together a quick, healthy dinner with 1% energy.

Try this:

1. Throw pre-crumbed chicken in the oven. Should only take 7 minutes on each side.

2. Throw salad on plate. Cherry tomatoes, rocket, capsicum, canned beetroot – other things if you have them: cucumber, avo (avodado) etc.
3. Throw beans on plate. I love Edgell’s Black Eye Beans, which are an Aussie brand. If you’re too tired and busy to shop, you can even buy these from Amazon, although they are a different brand and the Americans call them peas, not beans. Who is right? Must google it one day to find out. Perhaps we could start a great debate in the comments below. Anyone listening? Anyway, here are the beans:

black eye beans

Natco – Black Eye Beans – 400g (pack of 2)



Why do I love this variety? I suppose it’s a personal preference. I find broad beans too fiddly to peel and cook when fresh. Kidney beans are too gushy – these ones hold their shape. I suppose I think they look pretty too with their specked colour.

Check out Food Ideas for Busy Working People, available now on Amazon! See here:

Book Cover Good Copy



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