Welcome to Food Ideas For Busy Working Mums

Welcome to my first post of Food Ideas For Busy Working Mums.

Providing my active, athletic children with healthy, quick, easy, nutritious meals is something I spend of lot of time thinking about and preparing for. This blog has been created to share food ideas with other busy, working mums who find themselves in the same predicament: often exhausted after work and feeling too tired to cook, yet wanting to eat well and not resort to take-away too often.

For my kids to grow and reach their potential, I feel it’s important that, as their mum, I make sure they have lots of healthy, nutritious foods to meet their growing and energy needs. This is difficult when I work four days per week and have to juggle single parenting, without a skerrick of help; which is why organisation and preparation is my mantra!

Our diet involves a lot of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, wholegrains, dairy, and a variety of meats. I believe in a balanced diet that does not exclude any food groups. I favour old-fashioned-style comfort foods. I often keep things simple. I also don’t mind using sugar in moderation. I grew-up eating lollies, sweets, and home-baked goods, so will not deny my own children the occasional treat.

If this resonates, read on, while I share my own efforts to prepare nutritious foods for my children amidst my busy, working schedule. Hope some of you find it useful! And, when I’m on holidays and have time to cook our family favourites, I’ll share these too: think pavlova, cheese cake, chicken pie, piroshki (look that up), pizza and more.

Oh and if you are overseas, say in the UK or US, you might like to know that we are Aussies – yep, as in kangaroos, blue tongued lizards and the like!













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